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LiftPlan® uses the same user interface as the airline industry’s fastest, most accurate and easy to use network planning tool in its sophisticated product class.

LiftPlan® is a powerful forecasting tool that allows decision makers to quickly evaluate changes to the air travel marketplace. By simulating market share shifts using the same […]


LiftHub – The Network Optimization Tool

LiftHub® considers airport capacity constraints while maximizing connecting revenue. LiftHub® solves hub congestion and improves network performance


LiftFleet – The optimizer for strategic and tactical fleet optimization

Airline planners constantly face the problem of assigning an aircraft to a route or flight without knowing whether the number of seats suits actual demand. Even a route with a rather homogenous demand situation may be influenced by trade fairs or sports events, vacation […]


LiftSched -The schedule management solution

Today’s airlines need to permanently revise their schedule plans in response to competitor actions, or to follow updated sales and marketing plans, while constantly maintaining operational integrity. This makes schedule management a very complex process. These challenges call for a state-of-the-art scheduling system which optimally supports the development, management […]