New Flex-family allows instant 100% accurate profitability reporting

Lift Airline Planning Solutions introduces three new products:

LiftFlex Profit® is a Flight Profitability tool which is used to report the precise, itemized revenues and costs for every flight in your airline’s network. As soon as the flight information is provided, the profitability is reported. This allows airlines to make faster and better decisions on fleet allocation and fares.

LiftFlex Cost® uses the Flexible Cost Model engine to evaluate an airline’s profitability calculations. In many cases, the route profitability calculations differ between departments. The official route profitability results published by Finance monthly could differ from the flash reports provided by operations and commercial departments. Typically, the reason for the difference is the last minute changes in costs and equipment used operationally, which are not captured or supported by the accounting systems. LiftFlex Cost® forensics allow the airlines to identify the mistakes and ineffiencies in their profitability reports and provide faster and more accurate views of the true performance of the routes.

LiftFlex Revenue® is the new service which allows the modelling of the ancillary revenue performance (fuel surcharge, baggage fees, insurance commissions, onboard sales, cargo and mail to name few) in the airlines’ network. Using the latest algorithms, our optimisation tools will be able to help the airlines to maximise total revenues or even model the impact of business model changes in the market.