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New Flex Family

Lift Airline Planning Solutions introduces three new products:

LiftFlex Profit® is a Flight Profitability tool which is used to report the precise, itemized revenues and costs for every flight in your airline’s network. As soon as the flight information is provided, the profitability is reported. This allows airlines to make faster and better decisions on fleet allocation and […]

Airports on the cutting edge of in-house ASD

Halifax Stanfield signs a contract with Lift Airline Planning Solutions to fuel the passenger growth

Halifax, N.S. – Lift Airline Planning Solutions is delighted to announce its newest LiftPlan customer, Halifax Stanfield International Airport.

“We are so pleased to begin this partnership with Halifax Stanfield International Airport,” says Marc Mapleston, Lift Airline Planning Solutions President & CEO. […]

A Growing Global Team of Experts

Lift Airline Planning Solutions expands to support more customers.

The company has experts in:

The company also works closely with other consultancies which have significant presence in Asia, Middle East and Africa. If you would like to learn more about our offices and people, please visit our contact us – page.