LiftPlan® uses the same user interface as the airline industry’s fastest, most accurate and easy to use network planning tool in its sophisticated product class.

LiftPlan® is a powerful forecasting tool that allows decision makers to quickly evaluate changes to the air travel marketplace. By simulating market share shifts using the same models and methods used by the world’s largest and most advanced airlines.

Using complete worldwide schedule, logical Origin & Destination (O&D) itineraries are built using the connection builder model, these itineraries are built for every true origin and destination in the market size database, usually between 20,000 – 40,000 O&D market sizes, resulting in between 1.5 – 4 million itineraries.

As several itineraries are built for each O&D in the typical schedule week modeled, the quality of each itinerary is measured by the market share model (QSI and / or logit). Market share is attributed to each itinerary, then the market size is applied to the share resulting in demand volume by itinerary.

The demand sometimes exceeds capacity and the spill and recapture algorithm is used to redistribute passengers to itineraries with available capacity. The result is a forecast of onboard passengers by flight, for all airlines in the worldwide network.

LiftPlan® quickly evaluates any proposed route change and accurately calculates their potential profitability using the estimated passengers, the revenue per passenger assumptions and Flexible Cost Model.

LiftPlan® is available in a Web based client interface that further simplifies the users experience and helps aviation companies minimize their investment in decision making tools, expertise and data preparation.

Does LiftPlan® solve your business problem?

  • Your business requires access to the most advanced network planning techniques, tools and reports but does not have the budget, internal resources or expertise to maintain them.
  • Your business relies on external consultants to prepare network planning studies and/or air service development route studies. Your business would like to prepare more analysis at a lower cost, without engaging consultants
  • Your business would like to work with a company like Lift APS, which is dedicated to finding the most cost efficient methods for your airline network planning activities
  • Your business has limited access to market data. Lift APS has demand estimation techniques which use all the data your business has available and enhances the quality with special calibration techniques.