LiftFleet – The optimizer for strategic and tactical fleet optimization

Airline planners constantly face the problem of assigning an aircraft to a route or flight without knowing whether the number of seats suits actual demand. Even a route with a rather homogenous demand situation may be influenced by trade fairs or sports events, vacation periods or public holidays. As a result, flights could be half-empty or overbooked. In both cases, the airline faces a financial loss, either through high operational costs not covered by passenger revenues, or through foregone revenues due to a limited number of seats.

Now, airlines can achieve a new level of planning efficiency with the LiftFleet, which processes forecast passenger numbers on an O&D (origin and destination) basis, combined with estimates for revenues and operational costs. A high-speed algorithm generates multiple scenarios and shows optimization options based on a flexible rule framework.

Lift Airline Planning Solutions offer you a turn-key solution to better optimise your fleet. By utilising the optimizers in our portfolio, our experts can work with you on solving complex fleet management issues.